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So in the past 29 days I've had one day off and that was yesterday. I've had no life for almost a month. What the balls?! I like the work but I miss my friends. I love being at work instead of sitting at home bored. But the day off was kinda awesome... a nice day of relaxation. Even tho I was out for most of the day. Started the day off by lunch with Greg at Hooters... always a fabulous time there. From there, went to pick up Jeremy Hudson and went to X-Sensuals to visit Nora at work... and to think, the girl that I met so many years ago, now working at a porno shop haha. How amusing. Hung out there for a lil while and bought Todds X-Mas gifts there... the things we do to this kid... poor Todd. Then I had to drive my mom to work and while I was there, I wanted to check out... "Fantawild, the premier in 4d entertainment." but I didn't get a chance to. Met up with Greg and Jeremy at the cemetary as we went to visit JFB and have a beer at his grave for his 21st bday ((even tho it was last month, I had to work 27 days in a row, didn't have time to do it)). Went and walked around the Blvd Mall for a lil bit and I had me some bubble tea :D YAY! Bubble tea rocks the body that rocks the party! Then the best part of my day... got a full length tour of the Flying Bison Brewery by my friend Dave Glor. Sampled some awesome beers, learned how to make beer... it was indeed a tremendous time. But then, my day had to end sometime... curses you, time! Ah well, it was a good day.

So now I just sit here all bored with nothing to do. Times like this I wish I had a gf... how sad, boring, and empty my life is. I need a girl... who wants to help me solve this problem?
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